About Grow With Me Clothing

In my search to find the best quality materials I could, I discovered two things. 1) There is an astonishing amount of gorgeous fabric and designs in the world. You name it, it exists. And 2) These gorgeous, high quality custom fabrics are eeeeexpensive. Not many people can justify the price tag that comes with handmade clothing, myself included. Everyone wants to support local families and small shops, but in a world dominated by mass-produced textiles and overseas labor, it is difficult for us to compete.

Enter Apple Tree Sewing Patterns. They make amazing patterns for seamstresses that allowed me to make clothing that will grow with my baby!! It was thrilling. And since trying Apple Tree’s grow with me patterns, it is almost all that I ever make for my own baby! The longevity of each piece helps justify the price tag, as well as the soft and high-quality materials!

So, when you buy a grow with me item from my small shop, not only are you helping my small shop, but you are also supporting the small business that designs the patterns and the other small businesses and designers that design the fabric prints and print and ship the fabric to me! It’s a whole network of artists and designers supporting each other! Also, not only THAT, but grow with me clothing is great for the environment! It lasts longer, and therefore reduces the number of items of clothing that end up in landfills! It saves you green and IS green, a win-win-win!

And if you need another reason, remember that bummed-out feeling you had when you last tried to put your favorite outfit on your baby only to find out that they had a growth spurt and it doesn’t fit anymore? Yeah. Say goodbye to that feeling! Because grow with me clothes fit for up to THREE years!

It’s a miracle!

So give Grow With Me a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!


Rompers and Bodysuits

Tops, Hoodies and Dresses